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Kat loves to share her knowledge that she aquires during her life long travels and homestays in various countries like Colombia, the UK, US, Spain, Germany and France. She has studied psychology at the University of Leipzig, photography in Brighton (UK), and nutrition at the Natural Gourmet Institute of New York. She is passionate about healthy living food and its beautiful presentation and has developed a successful business baking and selling nutritious Essene bread. She speaks English, French, Spanish and German, and is learning Sanskrit. Cherie is her best friend. Both of them have worked on several creative projects together, like “Miroir des Memoires” (photographing the oldest inhabitants of a small region in Southern France, organising exhibitions and editing a book with the art work resulting from this project – see www.miroirdesmemoires.com). Their latest collaboration is “Portraits of Peace,” photographing and interviewing spiritual leaders around the globe. Cherie and Kat have been Tantrikas and Yoginis for the last two decades, and although they live at the opposite sides of the globe, have been connected through a lively exchange of their studies and experiences.




tantrika | yogi | mother | wife | artist | photographer | writer | designer | hospitality manager

Ever since she was a girl of 12 years, Cherie has been intrigued by spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices. This fascination has grown into a lifelong passion; the study of scriptures, the practice of yoga in its many forms (asana, pranayama, kundalini, dharana, sadhana), and an active interest in the healing arts. These endlessly nourishing resources converge with a modern active life and serve to support her family, relationships, business, creative and non-profit endeavours. Originally from New Zealand, Cherie lives with her husband and daughter in New York City but travels extensively for work and play.

"I believe that life is a mysterious, beautiful and compelling tapestry of experience, knowledge and play. I thrive on the understanding that the universe, the world as we know it, and our own personal lives are a continuous unfoldment, an interplay of consciousness and energy. We can choose to participate however we wish. The more we understand how these dynamics work, the more empowered we are to choose a path that nourishes and inspires us.

My Tantric and yogic studies are currently focused in the realms of Srividya and Kashmiri Saivism. My primary teacher is Dr Douglas Brooks, PhD, a world-renowned Tantric scholar and practitioner centered in a unique Srividya tradition known as Rajanaka. I learned to chant mantra with Dr Brooks and with Brad Roberts, the lead singer of the Crash Test Dummies. I practice yoga asana at an advanced level with experienced teachers in New York City, including Julie Dohrman, Gabriella Sfardini, and Susanna Harwood-Rubin."


Experience the magic of enlightened food, Tantric philosophy, yoga, meditation, and mantra in the mystical countryside of the Cathar district, Languedoc Roussillon.

Inspire is a 3-day retreat into health, vitality and spirit through Tantric yoga and healthy nutrition. Drawing on ancient wisdom from the Tantric traditions of Kashmiri Shaivism and Srividya Shaktaism, as well as ancient and contemporary yoga practices and the modern science of nutrition and diet with a focus on "superfoods", we seek to provide deeply nutritious food for the body, mind and soul. Tantric yoga practices will include: meditation, mantra (Sanskrit chanting), Kundalini yoga, some basic asana (poses), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and philosophy. No previous experience is necessary. Instruction is provided in English and French but a basic knowledge of English is preferable.

This is a “hands-on” participatory workshop aimed at giving you the knowledge and skills to take home and transform yourself and your life. We believe that spirit, food, body, mind and heart are all intimately connected. To experience contentment, fulfillment, and ultimately, bliss, we need to pay attention to what we allow into our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. When we learn to give our minds inspirational thought, our ears and voices empowering sounds, our bodies healing food, and our spirit the freedom to pursue our passions – every single day – our hearts begin to sing, and we feel truly, alive.



7 pm - 9 pm

Welcoming with re"fresh"ingly squeezed juice |
Warm introductions to each other |
Introduction to the philosophy of Inspire |
Preparing a delicious dinner together |
Eating |



7:30am - 4pm

Waking gently with herbal tea : tranquility
Tantric yoga practice
Preparation and eating breakfast
Walk in forest
“Baking" a raw cake
Preparing and eating lunch
Tantric yoga practice + creative journaling



7:30am - 4pm

Waking gently with herbal tea : tranquility
Tantric yoga practice
Preparation and eating breakfast
Walk to labyrinth
Preparing and eating lunch
Tantric yoga practice + creative journaling



7:30am - 4pm

Waking gently with herbal tea : tranquility
Tantric yoga practice
Preparation and eating breakfast
Walk in forest
Raw chocolate making
Preparing and eating lunch
Tantric yoga practice + creative journaling


Learn how to prepare:

High-energy and delicious living food
Powerful herbal remedies
Exquisite healthy chocolate


Enliven your mind with:

Tantric philosophy and mythology (from Kashmiri Saivite and Srividya traditions)
Creative journals


Learn how to empower your entire being with:

Pranayama (breathing techniques)
Mantra (sanskrit chanting)
Yoga asana (postures – no requirements)
Yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
Yogic meditation (Kundalini, Srividya)


Requirements : 

Basic English is preferable
Yoga asana is at restorative/beginner level - no previous experience necessary



Workshop : €95 euros per person per day including all instruction, knowledge, exercises, drinks and organic living food
Total : €285 euros for the workshop + accommodation:

Prices for accommodations vary (per night):

from 22 euro for two people in your own tent,
30 euros in a rental tent, 
Small Cottage 4-5 people 130 Euros
Chalet or Glamping hut 2-4 p 98 Euros
Luxury caravan 2(+1p) or Glamping hut 2p 70 Euros
Retro Mobile Home 2-4 p 50 Euros
Room 1-2 p (Vert) 48 Euros
Room 2+1p (Tribal, Rose) 70 Euros


Contact and Reservations : 


0033 6 4242 3582



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